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I Heart Lipgloss

April 16, 2018

Welcome to I Heart Lipgloss! This is the second iteration of my blog. I originally had it as a Tumblr posting. Now that I have launched my new site, it will officially reside here.

I moved to Chicago from Southern California over Labor Day weekend in 2001. I was excited to be in a brand new city with brand new prospects. The next thing I knew, I was being awakened by a phone call fro my temporary roommate's mother. We were under attack. It was 9/11. The city proceeded to come to a screeching halt. Places I had applied were on a hiring freeze. Nothing was happening and time was passing. I had been in the process of applying for jobs in the beauty and luxury retail industry. On a whim, I applied at Urban Outfitters. I needed income and knew one person in the whole city. They called and offered me a position as housewares manager. I shopped at Urban, but was out of my element. I dove in anyway because I didn't want to move back home yet. I worked there for just about a month. While doing markdowns, I discovered this pink mug inscribed with "I love lip gloss." It was a reminder of what I really wanted to- work in makeup, help people feel better, giving confidence. I bought 2 and took them home. Luckily, soon thereafter, I was offered a job with Dior at Bloomingdale's on Michigan Avenue. On a busy Saturday, tasked with delegating dressing room duty, re-merchandising a rug display, and executing markdowns, i decided to walk out of Urban Outfitters. I handed in my keys and told them thanks, but I couldn't do it anymore. Being dramatic was not really my professional style. I do regret leaving them in a lurch- one manager down heading into holiday, but I had to take care of me. I will be forever grateful to Urban Outfitters for the first job here in the Chi. I started at Bloomie's the following Monday, not knowing I would begin to stake my place in the local beauty scene and make friends that have lasted since. I always look back at those mugs as reminders of where I started and where I am going. Definitely a good choice for the name of my presence in this crazy biz. After nearly 20 years of wielding brushes, I look forward to a bright continuing journey. Check back here for new posts!

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